RockWise 5D Automation Event Summary

RockWise 5D Automation Event Summary

Dynamesh and SRT Holding's event on RockWise 5D Automation for the Architectural, Construction and Engineering (ACE) Industry was held on the 19th of September, 2016, in Athens, Greece. More than 20 companies in the construction industry, real estate development sector, representative from PMI, and University of Athens attended the executive event.

The event demonstrated a full-fledged integrated solution of “Autodesk Revit” Design (3D), Oracle's Primavera Planning (4D), Project Management & Cost Control (5D), through the RockWise ERP platform.

The following highlights summarize the key points of the event:

Mr. Mavromichalis Anastasios, (Co-founder of SRT Holding – Greece) welcomed the audience and explained SRT's main mission in the Engineering and IT sectors and the strategic relationship with Dynamesh to serve the ACE sector in Greece and other neighboring countries.

DR. Anthanasios Bikos (Project Manager of SRT Holding - Greece) discussed the newly established agreement between Dynamesh and SRT which gives the rights to SRT Holding to resell RockWise's 5D Automation system and stressed the importance of BIM technology in today’s market.

Mr. Kamal Merhej (Co-Founder & GM of Dynamesh sal - Lebanon) demonstrated the importance of the solution in the ACE industry and in brief presented an overview of RockWise ERP and the RockWIse 5D Automation that aims at establishing a bridge between:  Revit from Autodesk,, one of the leading design software packages used for Building Information Management (BIM),  and Primavera from Oracle, the leading software application for project planning, and RockWise from Dynamesh as comprehensive integrated solution. 

During this event Mr. Merhej invited Mr. Panos Chtzipanos president of PMI in Greece to further explain EU parliament’s resolution that was adopted in January 2014 concerning the requirement and utilization of BIM technology for all public sector projects as of 2016. 

Mr. Daniel Nammour (Co-Founder & GM of Dynamic Project Management - Lebanon) provided real-life problems that were faced by DPM and Dynamesh during the last few years on numerous projects and the solution that RockWise 5D provided that in turn solved these issues and provided a smooth transition for all parties involved.

Mr. Daniel Nammour and Mr. Mohamad Fadel (Member of Technical Support Group of DYNAMESH) gave a live demonstration of the RockWise 5D Automation and explained how seamlessly it is to integrate multiple Revit files between the three platforms.